Strainers / Filtration / Separation
Nevis Pipeline Products, LLC., manufactures a wide range of Filtration / Separation equipment that is used throughout the oil and natural gas industry.
Proprietary sizing data combined with extensive practical knowledge enable Nevis to select from a broad range of products to provide proven solutions to meet client / application specific needs thereby insuring reliable protection of capital equipment.

Series S-150

Vertical Basket Strainer


Series S-300

Vertical Basket Strainer


Series S-600

Vertical Basket Strainer


Series D

Duplex  Basket Strainer


Series N

Duplex Basket Strainer


Permanent Strainers
Available in either the Series S, single basket style or Dual basket Series D or Series N Duplex format, Nevis can furnish a comprehensive range of permanent basket strainers.
Strainers can be provided with either bolted or quick opening access for basket cleaning, furnished with Hi-Flow baskets or customized with the Jam-I-Lock basket feature for secure basket retention under extreme flow conditions.
Strainers can be furnished in a wide range of materials including carbon & stainless steel, Duplex Stainless Steel, custom alloys and with a ride range of internal coatings & lining.
Nevis has established close working relationships with both core raw material vendors and fabrication / machining service providers that insures the goals of both product integrity and quality are achieved.

Optional Features

Series S, D & N


Data Sheet

Application data sheet


Temporary Strainers
Temporary strainers provide cost effective protection of capital equipment during start up and commissioning of pipeline systems.
Available in a wide variety of materials and ANSI pressure classifications, temporary strainers are available to provide filtration ranging from coarse perforated screens to 50 microns.

Series C

Temporary  Strainer


Series T

T-Type Strainer


Series YFF

Y-Type  Strainer


Filtration / Separation
Nevis can size and provide internal packages for a range of filtration & separation technology that provides solutions to meet specific client requirements. Products offered include Internals for bag & cartridge filters, mesh pads, vane & multicyclone separators.

Filter Internals

Bag and Cartridge


Mesh Pad Configurations

Mesh pad


Separation Internals

Vane & Multicyclone